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Model A Ford items for sale, or items wanted, can be placed on the website. 

These items will remain on the website for 2 months, or until notified by the

owner to remove it.

To add or remove an item: click on email

Want Ads

For Sale/Wanted

-Relined brake shoes with rollers and arms. Set of 4. $100. Lynn Sondenaa (503) 781-9741 or           May

- B engine short block, rebuilt including new clutch, pistons, valves, seats . $2500. Gary Bartman (559) 285-8233.                                                                                                                                                      

- (1) Good Model A Frames—either 1928/29 or 30/31. $400. Bill Jabs (971) 235-3804. (2) Used Model B engine with counter balanced crankshaft, Model A head and modified B pan. Guaranteed to be solid and crack free. $1000. Bill Jabs (971) 235-3804. (3) 1931 Model A coupe “Clara” (with overdrive) formerly owned by Bob Moore. Bill Jabs is assisting the family. $18,000. Bill Jabs (971) 235-3804. (4) Good running Model A engine that you can come test drive in my car before purchasing. Selling a running Model A long block for $1500 (not including starter, generator, distributor, carburetor or clutch and pressure plate). I will install in your car for an additional $300 if you bring useable components to complete the installation. Bill Jabs (971) 235-3804                                   May

- (1) Pair of ‘30-’31 Headlights. Polished. Ready to install. They have Bratton’s very good reflectors. $365. (2) 1936 Mullins all steel trailer. $4000. David Adair (503) 828-6214.                                                                                                                                           May

WANTED: One 16” Kelsey-Hayes wheel. Please Help! Lynn Sondenaa (503) 781-9741 or                  May

- (1) Slant window front door regulator for windows. Work fine. $500. (2) Model A transmission and bell housing. Works good. Has rebuilt shift tower with new V chrome shifter and e-brake lever. The brake pedals show no wear and have new bushings and grease zerks. $150. or (503) 781-9741.                                                                                                                   June

- ‘30 OR ’31 Commercial Radiator Shell (Black) $350. David Adair (503) 828-6214.                                                                  June

- (1) Model A engines with most being dismantled and clean. Best offer for each. (2) New pistons and gasket kits. Best offer. (3) Used Model A parts. Best offer. (4) Unopened Model A Jim Beam bottles. $100 each. (5) Lots of Model A parts. (6) One Model A frame (needs cross member) $50. (7) Model A horns (some assembly required.). $100. By appointment only. No more than 3 people at a time. Highlight parts you are interested in. Greg Edwards (503) 357-3980.                                                                                     June

WANTED-  Model A cranks—2or3. Tom Ryan (360) 687-2886.                                                                                                          June

WANTED: 28 or 29 Coupe body (rough condition okay. Blake Turner (541) 622-5395                                                                    June

WANTED: 45 rpm records. Terry Findley (503) 784-3384.                                                                                                                  June

TRADE: Will trade engine, transmission and bell housing for zenith carburetor and distributor. Lynn Humble (503) 349-2023 or                                                                                                                                                                              June

- Wayne 619 Visible gas pump with matching Lubester, Tidex Purple, Black and White colors. $5,950. (2) Top and body wood kits for 1928/29 standard coupe 45A. $300 for each kit or both for $550. Marlin (503) 432-6494.                                                                 July

-Original Model A transmission. Works. Just removed from car. Gary (559)285-9233.                                                                        July

-19” tan spare tire cover. Have two for sale. $40 each. (2)S.S. Cowl band for 30-31. Almost perfect. $150. Pam McClaflin. (503) 778-0434.                                                                                                                                                                                                             July
Wanted- 28/29 Door seal for Roadster Pickup. Passenger side only. Also 28/29  Splined steering wheel-black. Terry Findley (503)784-3384                                                                                                                                                                                              Aug

Wanted-30 or 31 Model A Ford. Prefer coupe or pickup. Good Condition, not looking for a project car. Fully functional desired. Erich Bruckner (360)553-6779 or email:                                                                                                        Aug

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