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For Sale:

-Orig. '28-29 pop out ignition switch w/armored cable & 2 keys.  Has been reworked, works fine  $100

-Orig.  '29 steering wheel in VG cond.  $100

-One Spanish pop out ignition switch w/armored cable & 2 keys for 30-31 inst. panel, works fine  $45

-Three quality replacement ignition switches with keys.  $10 ea. or $25 for all three

-One original light rod from 7 tooth column.  In VG cond.  $70

-Three original instrument panels for oval speedos.  no gauges. Needs re-plating  $5 ea. or $12 for all 3

-Orig. two-blade fan, no cracks or splits  $50

-One pair original fluted headlight lenses with rims  $90 (rims need plating)

-Three 29-31 original headlight lenses no chips  $40 ea. or $100 for all three

-One 30-31 headlight lens rim (door)  $15

-Two original water pumps  $10 ea.

-Carburetor air filter  $20-Orig. headlight lens for '35-36 Ford  $40 

                                      -- For local pickup only--

-Very nice wishbone, perfect ball  $45

-Bent repro '28-'29 front bumper, nice plating $10

-1930 splash apron, no rust, extra hole  $10

-Box of misc. engine parts (crank pulley, cam, pistons, lifters, etc.  $35

           All the above in Portland, Oregon

           Call Ray:  503-333-5766

-Seven 19" rims, sandblasted & primed, excellent lug holes, wheels straight, good spokes, $25 each.

-Three 21" rims, original not blasted or primed, no rust out,  good lug holes, $20 each or 3 for $50.

           Contact:   Lynn Sondenaa 503-781-9741 or lynnsond@hotmail.com

-Four 19" white wall tires, good spares.

            Contact:   Gary Dexter 503-666-1691 or 503-327 5078

-1928 transmission with multi disk clutch with attached 1930 engine that is stuck.  Clutch and trans work.  Trans comes with the bell housing and pedal set.  $150 for all above.  1928 front and rear bumper set.  Needs plating and front set has no brackets.  $40 for both sets.  Call or text Jeff at 503-730-7269


-Model A fan, muffler, 30-31 radiator shell.

             Contact Lynn Sondenaa 503-781-9741 or lynnsond@hotmail.com